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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  April 17, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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explodes ... and tonight, ds are reportedly dead... the la g a texas fertilizer plant explodes. tonight dozens are reportedly dead. >> in boston, a search for the bomber turns up a face but no name. zeroing in on a potential suspect. >> and the tragedy in boston again touches the bay area. how a local business is tied to the bombs, inadvertently. breaking news, an explosion at a texas fertilizer plant has killed at least 60 people and levelled dozens of homes and businesses. the fireball was 100 feet high, witnesses said. it happened in the small town of
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wes, about 20 miles north of waco, and about 60 miles from dallas. there are concerns the explosions may not be over. >> reporter: a huge plume of smoke shot hundreds of feet into the air after a fertilizer plant exploded in west texas. it injured hundreds of people. a triage facility was set up in a nearby football field, and those with the most serious injuries were evacuated to hospitals in waco and temple. the force of the blast caused the roofs of a nearby hersing home to collapse. some residents are said to be trapped inside. other homes next to the plant caught fire. many homes in the area have been evacuated. officials are concerned a secondary tank at the plant could also explode. the red cross is now on the scene, working on help those forced out of their homes. >> this shows the damage to a
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building near the blast site. a firefighter took this picture. there are many people trapped inside the homes and apartments, and the amount of damage here makes it easy to see why. people as far as 45 miles away reported hearing the explosion. witnesses described a huge fireball that rose like a mushroom cloud. the blast damaged or destroyed buildings from blocks in every direction. many people whose homes survived are now without power. emergency responders and red cross crews from across the state are being sent to west to assist. and we will continue to monitor developments in this story. check us out at 11:00 for the latest. to boston now where investigators believe they are making solid progress in the hunt for the marathon bomber. they've zeroed in on at least one possible suspect with the help of surveillance video. it's still unclear who he is
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here where he might be, but the images are giving the fbi a clear picture of exactly what he was doing when the bombs went off. >> reporter: good evening. it is early morning here in boston right now, but nobody is relaxing. the military is still on standby, police officers still walking the downtown area on patrol. but there is progress in this case, and a lot of people are feeling better about things. >> reporter: sources say investigators are trying to identify a person described as a young white man who was standing in the crowd near the scene of the second bombing just before that device exploded. a camera at a nearby lord and taylor department store captured images of the man who was carrying a
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backpack and talking on i sale phone -- on a cellphone. he was wearing a black jacket, gray hoodie, and a white baseball cap backwards on his head. the man who seemed to be alone put the backpack on the ground. then when the first explosion occurred at the finish line, he took off. >> reporter: a few seconds later, the second bomb exploded near where the man had been standing. >> reporter: investigators are going through cellphone logs to determine who made calls from that location near the time of the explosions. sources say the fbi is working with a list of names of cellphone owners and attempting to match one of them to the unknown man on the surveillance tape. forensic experts will attempt to use facial recognition software and compare the images from the surveillance camera to photo ids
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connected to known cellphone users. >> and a 50 thousand$50,000 reward has been issued for the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible. in the meantime, the president is on his way and the first lady, and they will be here tomorrow morning for an interfaith memorial service. and the president has issued a declaration of emergency for massachusettso defray some of the costs of the emergency you see behind me. we believe there is a live news conference going on right now. the latest that you were talking about in waco? >> that's right. we're going to listen on on what authorities had to say about the explosion. >> getting people safe and getting them out of there. >> do you have a rough number on the losses? >> i do not know right now. it's going to be
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a number, you know, i can't give you a number right now, but there's going to be a number out there, hopefully at 6:00 am. >> early estimates were 50-60? >> i couldn't confirm nor deny that. i wish i could tell you something. the firefighters are not -- there's not any large flames. they're in the area, but they cannot get close enough to it. toxic fumes are coming off it right now. >> is there a danger for the fumes outside the flames? >> there is. they've cleared the area , about 8-10 blocks, and they've moved people back even further. half of that town over there is totally evacuated. what we're worried about now is when the norther comes through the night. might even have to evacuate on the other side of town. >> guy, no comments at this
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point. let us get more information. once we get that, we'll come back out and give you what we can. we got to get those answers for you. >> okay, you were listening to a live news conference in waco, texas, tonight. before we got to that, we were told that the update was 50-60 apartment units were destroyed in the picture we showed earlier. >> and it's too dangerous to send firefighters back into the plant right now to investigate and see if anything else needs to be recovered in that area. we'll bring you the latest. back to the situation in boston. there is a bay area connection. there was a battery made at this fremont company. it may have been used to detonate the devices. they are saying the discovery has cast a shadow over the company and its 80 employees. >> horrified.
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appalled and shocked. these batteries are used for toys, largely. rc cars and trucks. and to see it used in such a way, just horrifying. >> they say that particular battery was manufactured in china, but it's available in u.s. hobby stores and online. the oit of the third person killed in the attacks. 23-year-old lindsey liu of china. she was at the finish line to watch the end of the race. and a 6th grader remains in intensive care. businesses all over martinez are holding fund raisers to help with his care. he is -- his family is optimistic about his recovery.
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>> when they moved anymore his bed today, he did wake up for a few minutes. he opened his eyes, raised his arm. high knows we're there, but right now, we don't really know what he saw, what he remembers. or what kind of help he's going to need later. >> aaron could wake up as soon as tomorrow, but it's unclear whether he'll be home in time to celebrate his 12th birthday next week. and president obama will be in boston tomorrow to attend the interfaith memorial service for the victims. we'll have continuing coverage of the bombings on kpix 5 and one final push to mass gun legislation. dozens of women took their kids to capital hill. they wanted to give lawmakers a visual at what they felt was at stake. but the stroller lobby didn't work. the harsh words that followed.
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>> reporter: president obama hugged victims of gun violence gathered in the rose garden. he lashed out at the senate for failing to pass gun legislation. >> a majority of senators voted yes to protecting more of our citizens with smarter background checks. but by this continuing disorganization of senate rules, a minority was able to block it from moving forward. >> the amendment is not agreed to. >> reporter: the senate fell short of the required 60 votes to mandate background checks for people who buy guns at shows and over the internet. the bill's failure is a victory for the nra. the president accused the nra and some lawmakers are spreading misinformation. >> the gun lobby and its aly s llies willfully lied about the bill. >> we should be especially careful to safe guard the constitutional rights of
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law-abiding citizens. >> reporter: others said the bill won't curb gun violence. >> expanded background checks would not prevent newtown. criminals do not submit to background checks. >> reporter: the president had a message for voters who support background checks. >> you need to let your representatives in congress know that you are disappointed, and if they don't act this time, you will remember come election time. >> reporter: newtown families vow to continue the fight, saying they don't have the luxury of turning back. >> the ban on high-capacity magazines also failed. new questions about the suicide of a cyber bully south bay teen. >> and a crime against an east bay child. what surveillance pictures show and don't show.
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>> temperatures will drop down to the upper 40s and lower 50s. which day will get pretty close to 90 degrees? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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developments in the case of audrie pott-- the saratoga teenager who killed herself after allegedly bei assaulted and by her classm. audrey's fami the saratoga teenager who killed herself after allegedly being assaulted by her classmates. the family has sued the suspects, the owner of the house where it happened, and now they're going after the school district as well. tonight for the first time, the administrators respond to the family's accusations. >> reporter: this is a sensitive topic for them. some employees tried to call the cops to kick us off the campus, which is public property. the school district could now be in big legal trouble. >> i have questions about what they did and why they did it. it doesn't appear as if the family's best interests were served. >> reporter: the district broke its silence with this 4-page statement saying they couldn't discipline the boys because the party happened at this home
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offcampus. and there is no record of audrey reporting cyber bullying: her family met with the principal months ago but were unsuccessful getting the boys excelled. >> we tried to refer to the fact that the pictures being viewed at the school and the bullying and talking amongst themselves, that all happened on campus. and so under the cyber bullying clause, we believe we had grounds to have them excelled. and they still did not. >> it was announced by the principal that an investigation had been conducted by the school, which indicated that bullying had nothing to do with this. our investigation reveals the exact opposite. >> reporter: the district did not give a clear investigation yet principal made those claims. audrey committed suicide after three boys allegedly sexually assaulted her while she was passed out and texted pictures
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of that night. this man's daughter survived suicide attempts, lived on life-support for boy, but died yesterday. >> saratoga high school wouldn't let me go two years ago to talk to the high school, even though there were people wanting to come, free of charge. they were just burying their head in the sand saying we don't have an issue, we don't have a problem. >> reporter: and the family has laid the legal groundwork but has not officially filed a civil suit against the school. as far as the boys, they are not allowed back on campus as they fight the charges of sexual assault. a warning from oakland police. take a look at the guy breaking down the sidewalk in this video. he posed as a maintenance man to get inside an apartment in the 100-block of 10th street, and that's where he
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attempted to molest a 7-year-old girl. >> this is a predator. someone who preys in our community on women and children. and we want to remove this type of person from our community so they can't endanger or hurt anyo else. >> reporter: the girl screamed and her mom immediately came in. the suspect took off running. he is in his 50s, about 60 feet tall. the breaking bolts on the bay bridge, caltrans failed to conduct #2e69s on the bolts -- tests on the bolts that may have prevented the problem. the tests were ordered in 2008 but were never done. they also had quality concerns with the manufacturer going back to 2007. is the wind going to calm down? >> thankfully, it has. >> okay, good . >> but i'm looking at the pressure gradients.
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as they go down, the winds go down, they're down. finally. got some e-mail e-mails from folks saying it's got to stop! thankfully, tomorrow will be calmer, and also warmer. tonight mainly clear looking over the south bay, san jose. south of you in san jose, morgan hill, thursday tomorrow sunshine! 78 degrees. friday, even a couple degrees higher, 80 degrees. the wind is relaxing and temperatures are going up. there's a reason for it. low pressure is moving out. part of the cat alyst for the severe weather that we are expecting in texas tonight, and also the wintry weather in eastern colorado. the winds relax, we keep the sunshine, and with a light onshore flow. we will have highs in the upper 70s
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from the water. as we head through the weekend and toward next week, high pressure gets stronger, closer to us, and that will help draw out an offshore wind. the wind coming off of land as opposed to the ocean. 70s inland will turn to 80s. at the coast, you'll be in the 70s, and even did the san francisco has a shot of hitting 80 degrees by next week. no fog or early low cloud cover for most days next week. and a warmup, this is rare, highs in the 70s along the coastline coming up next week. away from the coastline, you're going to hit the 70s tomorrow. los altos, 78, hayward, 74. antioch, 78 with full sunshine tomorrow. pleasanton, liverton, san ramon, upper 70s. here is your extended forecast, 80s every day
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right through the weekend and next week, inland. near the bay, you'll get close to 80 by next monday. and look at the coast, sunshine all weekend long. and low 70s likely for the top of next week. that is your forecast. ,,,,,,
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a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant a quick update on the breaking news at the top of the broadcast. a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant near waco,
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injuring dozens of people, sending flames shooting into the sky. some people feeling this explosion 45 miles away. the factory now is a smoldering ruin. it damaged buildings for blocks in every direction. the mayor doesn't yet know how many people have been injured or killed in the blast. early reports say dozens of peopl have been killed. among the damaged buildings was what appeared to be a housing collapse with a collapsed roof, a nearby middle school, and the west rest haven nursing home. we'll have more at 11:00. could a lollipop really determine the outcome of a baseball game? a record night for the warriors! and a playoff opponent. we're counting down the day. >> kpix 5, the official stage for the bay bridge opening celebration. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. warriors ... who would theyy in the postseason, and could steph curry etch his name into tha start the cloc two things determined for the warriors tonight, who they would play in the postseason, and did seth curry etch his name into the record books? the record came with under 7 minutes
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go in the 2nd quarter. warriors led wire to wire. clay thompson had 24. they will play denver saturday in the playoffs. lolly, blake lolly singles over the head of polanco, and milwaukee wins. josh reddick rides the double to the wall to bring home 2 runs. they score 8 in the 6th inning. oakland wins 7-5. bruins in boston for the first time since the attacks. back in bean town tonight. and joe montana's son nate got a workout in santa clara. >> he played for four colleges, right? he bounced around, looking to get playing time. >> you see the resemblance.
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cute smile. [ laughter ] >> 11:00, over on kpix 5. ,,,,,, you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month


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